MaxScript/Python Scripting Contractor
San Francisco, CA +1 · Remote
Junior +1 · Full time
Posted 7 months ago
StageGlass is re-imagining the way people experience homes before they buy in the 21st century. Built on video game technology, our product creates customizable virtual 3D units so that developers can communicate their vision and prospective buyers can make that vision their own.
About the Role
We’re looking for someone obsessed with automating away the day-to-day tasks of a studio environment through writing tools and scripts to accelerate artistic workflow.
At Stageglass, we take 2D floorplans and CAD data and turn them into photorealistic home environment expereinces. In order to do this more effectively, we're looking for someone to create one-click solutions that do everything from automating the export of geometry from Max into Unreal to simplifying asset cleanup processes. In addition, we're looking for ways to wrap HDA tools from Houdini into 3DS Max, to simplify the integration process for non-technical artists.
About the Ideal Candidate
Our ideal candidate can assess the needs of our team and create pipeline tools to accelerate their pace of work. The candidate should know 3DS Max, and be proficient in Maxscript, Python, or both. This candidate should also be open to iterating and executing existing workflow and the concepts.
Experience in Unreal or Substance, or C++, while not required, is a major plus.

Skill Requirements

      • 3+ years of experience with writing tools in production with Maxscript or Python
      • Rigorous about working within company file naming conventions
      • MaxScript / Python development for production tools to help automate the process of creating assets for a library along with PBR material creation and artist centric tools for optimizing artist efficiency
      • Bonus points for knowledge of Unreal and C++ or able to help with Unreal blueprints
      • Bonus points for knowledge around automating tasks with Substance Painter


    • Understand the needs of the 3D team and build tools/automatic processes around a lot of their workflow.
    • Creating material libraries based on a folder of PBR images/textures
    • Writing sanity checks for scenes before exporting for real-time
    • Replace materials in scene from updated material libraries
    • Strong communication skills, able to ask questions, offer suggestions and take direction as one of the team
    • Offer suggestions on other areas in the process that can be sped up with tools
Building the infrastructure for the virtual world.
Size:  11-50 employees
Year Founded:  2020
Caffeinated Capital
Edward Lando
Pareto Holdings
Jon Oringer
Nadav Ben-Chanoch
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