Senior Security Software Engineer - Security Protocols Engineering
United States · Remote
Senior · Full time
Posted 5 months ago
The Role
Our team is looking for a Senior Security Software Engineer to join the team and help us drive security improvements across our Consumer Products, with a focus on Netflix Gaming ecosystem. The protocols our team secures represent the security building blocks for user authentication, user authorization and secure transport and are deployed on every single one of the 100’s of millions of Netflix client devices used in over 190 countries by more than 200 million paid members. These building blocks are being enhanced for the new threats and scale as Netflix offers gaming. Help us securely build Netflix!
The Team
If you’re a Netflix customer, you have benefited from the work of the Security Protocols Engineering team. We design and implement end-to-end security protocol that powers Netflix consumer products, and holistically integrate them in the Netflix ecosystem, within a range of client applications and backend services. Our team is highly cross functional, inside and outside of Netflix. We work with Netflix product edge, cloud and client engineering teams. We also work with third-party game developers and platform partners that integrate our client SDK.
Security in the Freedom & Responsibility culture of Netflix means that much of our work is accomplished through influence, not mandates. A highly collaborative mindset is key.
This is a deeply technical team, who draws from knowledge of networks, cryptography, operating systems, and software architecture. 

We are part of the larger Consumer Product Security & Trust organization, which collaborates with device partners and DRM to improve security across the industry. To learn more about CPST (formerly DCS for Device & Content Security) at Netflix, check out this episode of the WeAreNetflix podcast.
What you will do
You will be integrating our security protocols team and focus on deploying the related security building blocks for Gaming. Your role will be to use your security protocols knowledge and help us identify where the risks are, how to pragmatically establish the security posture, evaluate tradeoffs, and deliver. Having a strong security background is critical to success in this role. You will contribute to the protocol that enables strong user and device authentication that supports the Netflix business.

As a Senior Security Software Engineering part of SPE, you will be responsible for:

  • Threat modeling and security assessments
  • Design of security protocols for our Consumer Products Games
  • Integrations in clients and platforms like iOS, android, and more
  • Produce and review code (primarily Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C)
  • Support tools (Python and Bash)
  • Support the Consumer Product teams with clear understanding of the underlying security we are building to support their products
  • Support the Product Engineering teams with clear positions to help them build and maintain security within their systems
  • Experience

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience
  • Experience with security protocols standards and underlying cryptography
  • Experience with software security assessments
  • Experience with device architecture and integration constraints
  • Bonus Assets

  • Experience with cloud-based architectures at scale
  • Experience with Mobile or Cloud Gaming architectures
  • Experience with embedded hardware security
  • Experience with JavaScript, Python, TypeScript
  • Experience with gRPC, Spring, and Spring Boot
  • About You

  • Love to solve tough security engineering problems
  • Enjoy working collaboratively with other engineers
  • Like to ship and support solutions that you help design and build
  • Like to move fast
  • Are comfortable taking calculated risks
  • Are curious about technology and love to learn and grow as an engineer
  • Enjoy mentoring and/or helping others develop their skills
  • Are passionate about debugging
  • Communicate well, both written and verbally
  • About Us:

  • Value freedom & responsibility and context over control
  • Are loosely coupled but highly aligned with our partners
  • Move quickly and work in small, rapid iterations
  • Work as a team to complete our goals, may they be highly visible or deeply foundational
  • Love to keep learning
  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Get things done
  • Netflix offers a creative culture that values freedom and responsibility. You can learn more via the Culture At Netflix.
    Netflix is an online platform that enables users to watch TV shows and movies.
    Size:  1001-5000 employees
    Funding Level:  Public
    Symbol:  NFLX
    Year Founded:  1997
    Foundation Capital
    Reed Hastings
    Groupe Arnault
    Comdisco Ventures
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